Friday, November 20, 2009

Tattoo Conventions in the Pacific

Tihoti just arrived back on Norfolk from the successful Tatau Moko Convention in Auckland, New Zealand. Have a look at the convention here:

Soon we will be travelling to Australia for Christmas and New Years. He will be available for tatau in Gloucester NSW.

In the next year Tihoti will be attending a few other Pacific conventions, particularly in Australia. On the Gold Coast between 14-17 January - for more info see:

Then in March there is the Sydney Tattoo Convention from 6-8 March 2010 at the Sydney Showground. Here is the link:

From then on there is another Pacific Tatau Festival in June at the Sydney Showground that he has been invited to - called '1st International Tribal Tatau & Cultural Arts Festival' 18-20 June 2010. Already he has begun to make an impression on the arts on this side of the Pacific. For more information on the festival, click on:

We are extremely proud to participate in these events!


You may wonder why we called this blog 'Tattoo and Tapa'. Tihoti's passion is design using the ancient symbols used by his tupuna or ancestors. Mine is the same, but applied on a different surface.

The designs used by Tahitians in 'tatau' (tattoo) often crossed over into the designs used in 'ahu (tapa) decoration. Some of the deep symbolism used in tatau today in Tahiti is lost, although Tihoti feels that by using nature as our inspiration we can come to understand these designs again, and from there evolve those designs beyond our misunderstandings. But that understanding has to come from a Polynesian perspective.

I am fascinated by the designs and colours used in the ancient 'ahu - everything was symbolic. Much of this knowledge is forgotten today: but not entirely. For me it has become an exhilarating adventure of rediscovery.